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Resentment, Forgiveness and Acceptance

It is blogs like these that allow me to self evaluate and look at things from a different perspective. Thank you

What...Me Sober?

Monk-woman-streamTwo traveling monks came to a muddy stream, where they observed a woman who was hesitant about crossing.  The older monk approached the woman, bowed, then picked her up and carried her across the stream. He set her down, bowed again, and he and his student continued on their way.

While they were eating their rice that evening, the younger monk said, “I don’t understand. As monks, we are to have no contact with women, yet you picked that woman up and carried her!”

The older monk said, “I put the woman down at the side of the stream. You are still carrying her.”

That’s how we are. We cling to thoughts and ideas, worrying them and twisting them around inside our heads, causing all sorts of turmoil and accomplishing nothing.

Spirituality is about understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love, willingness to contribute our efforts to help others, humility and things of that…

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I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. – Mother Teresa


What does this mean to you?  Really think about the meaning of every word, and dig deep.  I want to be sure I am really grasping the true meaning.



The Lord survives the rainbow of His will


A 3 LESSONS everyone should learn….





I am just a sprinka-lin!!

Vegan Spinster


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Giddy Up Bars?!?!?!?

There is a part of a mans body that is super sexy, I’ve always admired men who had them, but never knew what they were called.  This evening while enjoying cocktails with good company, I was explaining a quality I would like my next date to have and my friend knew immediately what I was talking about and  said “Oh, Giddy Up Bars”….  Wha? Wha??  Wait?   There is actually a name for these perfectly molded  neck muscles???!!???!



Giddy…..Up……Barzzzzz…… Mmmmmm dreamy

Totally thinking about how many different ways I could say Giddy Up and how many different contexts it could be applied to….



Then it occurred to me that I needed to start a list of qualities that I would like my future potential mate to have.  This way if opportunity knocks, I will have a check list.  I will also need to create “would you rather” questions to further explore  the depths of their psyche……..  Giddy Up Up Up!!!!!!!



Monday and Mr. Sexy Pants

Had a cup of coffee – got my kiks on and headed to the Seawall.  I walk/ran 6.21 miles average pace 12:23 – getting as fast as a 6:55 minute pace… I think I sweat out all of my alcohol intake over the past week, because all that is left on my skin is salt and the dogs are licking me like a t-bone steak.  Couple of things I have learned:


1.  Big Boobies – if you have ample boobies, be sure to wear a GOOD sports bra…  because if you don’t you will feel like a basset hound.


2.  Pacer – I am a pacer, I like to get behind someone and watch there feet, it helps me pick up the pace.


3.  Mr. Sexy Pants – Find that carrot, I think my 6:55 pace happened when Mr. Sexy Pants started jogging in front of me, not only did I follow his feet and keep pace – but also got to watched his nice tight ass.


4.  Don’t Get Discouraged – Even though I could not keep up with Mr. Sexy Pants for long, it sure gave me something to strive for – just the thought of having that sexy ass in front of me, I could visualize one day almost touching that bootie.


5.  Always say Good Morning or Hello – chances are those same people will be out there everyday, good way to make new friends that you have something in common with.

And my final thought for the day…



Who cares what you look like – just get out there and breathe the fresh air!  See you tomorrow Mr. Sexy Pants…


Mind's Seat

In The Silence

by Susan Irene Fox

Your silence is a wet handprint

that leaves a hint

a fingerprint

lovely bouquet

then fades away

I ache to hear a word – your voice

let me rejoice

return to me


Help me, Lord, give me endurance


I long for you

sweet rendezvous

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GLUE HORSE….. not a good idea!

While sounding like a FANTASTIC idea at the time – the GLUE HORSE (yes, that is my new name for it….  it is what they make out of horses and my reasoning for calling it that… IS justified) was one of those spontaneous bright ideas after you have been drinking.

DSCN1943which made it an even worse idea…..  Waking up in the morning with rot gut and a hangover does NOT, I repeat does NOT cure all what ails you.  A cure for the rot gut called for a trip to IHOP and believe me when I say…


I did not care what I looked like, french toast and coffee were all I could focus on.




Just another morning of a case of the crazy hair…..


Going to go balls the wall in healing my INNER CHILD beginning Thursday.






Crazy Horse… Remembering How to have FUN

Oh hell yea!  Good friends know how to cheer you up!  Letting my hair down and embracing the negative energy leaving my body…  The hangover will be worth it!