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If You Take Your Pants Off You’ll Feel Better


Life is full of ups, downs and all arounds.  Thinking of ways to soothe our soul and calm ourselves are things we are not so good at.  We would rather be stressed out, freaked out, on edge or going ninety to nothin’.  Here is a list of top ten ways to feel better:

#10  th100i24o7


Find a piece of cardboard, stand by an intersection and solicit your fellow drivers for things you want, such as candy, hugs, a date or whatever suits your fancy!



Purchase a pill organizer and load up your favorite treats, be sure to pull it out in front of your co-workers, as it will surely give them something to talk about.



Go to the local zoo or anyplace that offers train rides.  

Make sure you sit next to the person who looks like they are having the worst day and then give them something to laugh about.  

Be sure to include them in #7, #6, #5, #4 & #3



Find a group of strangers and make friends, see if you can find one who will be attached to you at the hip for some fun and shenanigans!



Pull out your camera and get creative with your new found friends!



Don’t be shy!  Get to fingering painting!  You all will enjoy basking in the glow of your new designer duds!  

Be sure to go to your local fountain to wash off, it will provide entertainment not just for you and your new friends,

but also all the innocent bystanders!



See how many people you all can get together to make a giant circle massage in your local park!  

Be sure to do this close to a patch of mud (see #3).



Quietly sneak over to a fresh patch of mud and start slingin’!  

Then get ready for some pig squeelin’, hog sloppin’, dirty fun!  

Let the games begin!

#2Get Him to the Greek


For real peace, quiet and calmness pet something furry!  

Whether it be a wall, fuzzy cat or a squishy panda, just fluff yourself all over it and make cuddles!


AND THE #1 THINGS TO DO TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER:khaleesi-take-off-your-clothes


Take Your Damn Pants Off – You’ll Feel Much Better!


Getting Closer to My MBA


I only have two more semesters left and I will have officially earned my MBA.  What a feeling, what an accomplishment.  I will be the first person in my family to achieve a master’s degree.  As I start looking at my future, I have begun to interview for positions in Santa Barbara, Portland and Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, Santa Barbara did not work out; as they hired an internal candidate; however, I did receive a very nicely written note from one of my interviewers letting me know that I was their first choice for an external candidate.  That boosted my confidence, as my self-esteem was run over by a mack truck…


Not too sure about Vegas and my phone interview for Portland is on Wednesday.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Portland, the opportunity is an AHHH-MAAAZZING one.  For a kid that dropped out of high school because my teachers told me I would never reach any kind of academic success…  Here’s to you!  Not only will I be getting my masters, I will be graduating with honors (AGAIN).


Shifting careers in the middle of your life seems almost impossible, but I am coming to find that my background and schooling are actually giving me an edge against my competition.  I have been blessed to work and be mentored by some of the best executives in this country who provided me with a solid foundation of the world of business.


People always ask me, “What Next?  Will you go for your doctorate?”  Honestly, I don’t know what is next.  If I go for my doctorate it will be definitely be in the field I am most passionate about – Sociology.