So most people have the uncanny ability to fall asleep – I on the other hand go toe to toe with the sleep nazi every night. This is nothing new; I’ve been this way since a child. It is not that my mind is racing; it is just always at a constant. The thinking pattern is the same as when I am awake. Always finding models, relationships, new ideas, mulling over events, writing and rewriting papers (yes, in my head) and my favorite are my SQUIRREL tangents. That is my mantra for getting distracted.


Since I have purged my body of sleeping aids, I am back to my old peculiar habits that actually give others pause. When I find I cannot sleep, rather than lay in bed, toss and turn, I get up and engage myself.


The other night, I decided to do research for a friend of mine on 504 and Special Education in the public school system. I sent her a plethora of material and I am sure she is overwhelmed. Last night, I decided to start my thesis – crazy right? I’m not even at that point in graduate school; however, I do owe one of my professors a 30 page paper, so I figured I could knock it out and then continue to use it as my platform for my thesis. Madly typing on my Lover’s computer in both instances, he came downstairs, has given me two puzzled looks and then went back to bed. I smiled.


One night my Lover joined me at 3:00 AM in the morning after I got up, made coffee and started my day…. Laundry, cleaning, painting, etc. When we first met, I took a pill to knock my ass out at night. Since then, I have decided to just take vitamins and purge my body of all chemicals. While this is new to him, I am sure this is one more thing he wonders about when it comes to me.


Some creative ideas for those of you who have the same curse: landscape poster temp

Clean the house. Chances are it is dirty, this is a perfect way to wear your ass out and when you do finally fall asleep from exhaustion you will have woken up to a clean house and clean folded clothes. Not only will you appreciate it, but your Lover will too, as it will be one less thing for him to have to think about and gives him time to enjoy his down time.


Finish your project. If you are like me you have five projects going on at any given time. This is a hobby that drives most people nuts. The best thing for one to do is finish up these little projects in the middle of the night, so it looks like elves came in and completed the tasks that drove your Lover batty.


Read a book on your tablet. I actually love reading, the only problem is when I read my favorite trashy romance novels, I find myself waking my Lover up in the middle of the night…. ‘nough said… use your imagination.


Watch a TV show or movie on Netflix. Perfect opportunity to brush up on all those shows that you don’t want others to know you watch. The only obstacle is if your Lover wakes up in the middle of the night too and catches you. Don’t fear this, as I have a trick that works, just throw a blanket over your head…. Because in my reality, if you can’t see it, then it is not really there. He will eventually get the hint, get a good laugh and then head back to bed.


Check out some social media. Totally love catching up on what all my friends have been doing.


Have a Midnight snack. Midnight snacks are the best. There is nothing like getting the sliced applies and Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut butter out and going to town.


Write in or start a journal. That is right, just pour your heart into it… Moan, groan and celebrate about your life in a journal, because honestly, other people do not really want to hear about it.


Reorganize something. I love reorganizing things. It keeps people on their toes. However, they may not like it so much when they can’t find the coffee filters….


Listen to music. I listen to music all the time. It is how I energize myself. It is food for thought, it puts a little zip in my step and is a good way to shut down the random thoughts.


Make a to-do-list for the following day, week or month. I live by the lists; if I didn’t have lists nothing would get done. Part of my problem is I start my little projects and forget to write the things I need to complete the projects. If I could only remember to do that, my projects would be done in a timely manner – I think…. Well it sounds good anyway….


Another great attribute I have is about 90% of the time I am a morning person. It drives people nuts at first, but then they seem to embrace it. It is a way for them to start their day on a positive note. I begin by rooting around like a pig in their nose, jumping on the bed, singing, dancing and bouncing around them like tigger the tiger.


At first, their reaction to my burst of energy in the morning is total and complete DISBELIEF and LOATHING; however, over time it becomes a ritual. I find that the 10% of the time I am not a morning person it throws my Lover’s day off OR he will pick up the slack and pay me back – 10 fold… NO LIE… 10 fold!



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2016 Life is what it is and you just have to get through it. 2014 I started blogging just a short time ago, it actually feels good. I've made some new friends and soliciting feedback from others who have experienced similar life events helps me to not feel so alone. So we all have bumps in the road, we make poor decisions - we are only human. It is these life experiences who make us who we are today. There is no need to have regret, just move forward. Ok, easier said than done, because as you read my profile, sometimes I take a step forward and then two steps back.

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