What am I grateful fo? (Yes, I meant to say fo)




I am grateful to know that they make sling shot shoes, you never know when you are going to get into a water balloon fight, and need to be able to get a little distance.


I am grateful for kittens, because they are so damn cute!


I am grateful for old people, who say what they mean.


I am grateful for bad mother fuckers.


I am REALLY grateful for coffee and the sweet stuff!


I am grateful that I have a big ROAR – rrrraaawwrrrr.


I am grateful for ice cream.


I am grateful for flexibility.



I am grateful to all my friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin.


I am grateful that cops are so helpful!



I am especially grateful that I have now taken off…..



About Hiding2014-2016

2016 Life is what it is and you just have to get through it. 2014 I started blogging just a short time ago, it actually feels good. I've made some new friends and soliciting feedback from others who have experienced similar life events helps me to not feel so alone. So we all have bumps in the road, we make poor decisions - we are only human. It is these life experiences who make us who we are today. There is no need to have regret, just move forward. Ok, easier said than done, because as you read my profile, sometimes I take a step forward and then two steps back.

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