A Pu Pu Platter At One Time Did Matter

Pu Pu’s are still the bomb!

Verse for Thought or Not

When I was a kid I lived to eat a Pu Pu platter,

Never wanting to share any of it with my mother, father, or brother.

You know that far more American than Chinese assorted appetizer

With a tiny hibachi grill in the middle surrounded by a splatter

of spareribs, egg rolls,  fried chicken wings,  chicken fingers,

Grilled skewered beef, fried wantons and, of course, fried shrimp-

All to be soy sauced, duck sauced, and  dabbed with a mustard hotter than heller.

So now decades later I can’t believe I  craved such ordinary faire

as I’ve gone all Sichuanese with the spicy  likes of Ma Po Bean Curd, Hot and Sour Soup,

Dried Fried Green Beans and Pork, and Ants Climbing Tree.

So having discovered more authentic Chinese cuisine,

I pooh pooh the thought of ever living for that platter.

(due to the inspiration of Marissa Bergen who indulged in…

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2016 Life is what it is and you just have to get through it. 2014 I started blogging just a short time ago, it actually feels good. I've made some new friends and soliciting feedback from others who have experienced similar life events helps me to not feel so alone. So we all have bumps in the road, we make poor decisions - we are only human. It is these life experiences who make us who we are today. There is no need to have regret, just move forward. Ok, easier said than done, because as you read my profile, sometimes I take a step forward and then two steps back.

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