The First Day of the Rest of My Life

After my divorce in 2012, I entered into a new and independent life.  While drastically different, I was finally free of the constraints of being with someone I just didn’t love anymore.
Finally on my own, I look forward to reaching new heights! I look forward to finding my perfect soulmate….. ha ha ha… ok, that was really corny. Today, I just look forward to waking up in the morning…. for tomorrow is my 42nd birthday! Kittie Boo Boo and I will take over the world…
This year of self-discovery and dating the wrong person has taught me alot.


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  1. Happy Birthday 🙂


  2. Ok girl stop letting this guy win. Dont give him free press in your blog. You are way smarter than that. I want you to write daily one thing you said that made you smile that day or something new you learned. I love you and no man like that is worth any wasted energy. ((hugz))


  3. Saw that day not said…ugh and find a way to actually make my smart phone SMART!


  4. love the photo of you and kittie! happy belated birthday.:)

    I have an idea to run by you,if you could send me an email. the address linked to my wp acct. is fine, thanks so much. I don’t see a contact address here.

    Love your blog presentation too. 🙂


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